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Jumpstart it Yourself

You are on your way out to a business meeting and you get into your Toyota Corolla, turn the key, and you hear that annoying clicking sound. You battery is on its way out too. You are going to need a jumpstart.

Get your colleague (the one with the Mercedes) and follow these 7 simple steps:

  1. Find the batteries.
  2. Park the Mercedes close to the Toyota.
  3. Attach the jumper cables by connecting one red clamp to the plus terminal of the Toyota’s battery and the other red clamp to the plus terminal of the Mercedes.
  4. Attach one black colored clamp to the Mercedes’ negative terminal and the other black colored clamp to a section of grounded metal on the Toyota.
  5. Start the Mercedes letting it idle for a minute or two and then rev it up just a bit for about one minute.
  6. Start the Toyota.
  7. Disconnect all of the jumper cables. You’re good to go.

Jumpstarting a battery is a temporary solution, however it is necessary to know and as long as you have jumper cables and a car with a good battery you can do it yourself in 7 easy steps.